The Dream Project Workbook

I was a member of the UW Dream Project all 4 years I was a student. This unique not-for-profit organization was not run by the UW, just located on its campus. A student-run organization, it is a mentorship program where over 700 college students work in area schools helping high school juniors and seniors prepare for the future after graduation. Mentorship mainly involved college applications and career planning.

As a sophomore, I saw the need for someone to take over publications/marketing for the organization. At the time there was no cohesive brand. Materials we either gave out to students or used to recruit mentors weren’t looking as professional as they could. I saw this as the perfect opportunity for me to help out. Within a month I had gone to the governing body and created the position of Publications Manager. I remained there until a few months before I had to graduate. That was when I interviewed new people for the position and hired a successor to train before I left the campus for good.

The main project I took on during my tenure was the workbook we provided for every student we worked with. Updated on an annual basis, it is a step by step guide for a student to get through their senior year of high school, including worksheets, a lot of information on the various options they have, and how to go about planning to pay for their future education- whether that be community college, military, technical school, or a 4 year degree.

Above is a gallery of some of the workbook pages from the 2013-14 workbook.

When I began my tenure as Publications Manager, the workbook obviously already existed. The program itself was 7 years old. It became my biggest responsibility to collect feedback from the 700+ student body to better the latest edition for the next year. Collecting feedback in and of itself is a full time job, but I then went ahead and created new pages people thought were needed and changed those that had been assessed to be faulty or misleading.

In summary, there were many other projects I completed for The UW Dream Project, but the workbook was by far the most important and time consuming.

*The Dream Project is still creating these workbooks. If you know of a high school student who would benefit from having one of these, or wants to be a part of the program, you can contact the Dream Project directly.


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