How I Work

To demonstrate what it is like to work with me, I’m laying out a project I worked on with a client, step by step. In this example, I was asked to create a logo for the client’s up and coming personal training business.

Step 1. I began by sitting down with her and talking about what she wanted this logo to convey, and any specifics she had already visualized it looking like. I took her ideas and came up with concepts of my own based on her specifics- the product of which is the presentation I put together for her, explaining what I had done to each concept and my depth of understanding what she wanted. You can view that presentation here:

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Step 2. After viewing the presentation, the client and I sat down again to discuss what she liked and disliked, and if she particularly liked one direction better than the others. In this particular instance, she couldn’t decide which she liked best and was happy with all of them, but decided she wanted words on the logo, so I went back to add writing to each design.

Step 3. The client was then able to narrow down the designs to just 2 concepts- deciding the watercolor mark one wasn’t for her. But she voiced the opinion that the logos seemed to open, and she want closure in them but also a sense of motion. I went back to tweak the two designs.

Step 4. The client decided that the earth logo was exactly what she wanted, and we finalized it. I made sure she had it in all file types and pixel ratios that she needed, and we were able to celebrate a job well done.

The evolution of each concept, as described in the steps above:

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